The company imports Mushrooms mainly from Malaysia. The consignments are generally shipped by exporting companies from Penang Georgetown and Penang Ports. Import of Mushrooms shipments has taken place under HS Codeand the import consignment was cleared at Indian ports of Delhi Air.

This data is reported by customs department of the ports mentioned above from the Bills of entry filed at these ports. The company imports Mushrooms mainly from China. The consignments are generally shipped by exporting companies from Not Available Ports.

Import of Mushrooms shipments has taken place under HS Code and the import consignment was cleared at Indian ports of Jnpt. Import data based on bill of entry of Himalya International Limited having its headquarters in No. Delhi. The consignments are generally shipped by exporting companies from New York and Antwerpen Ports.

The company imports Mushrooms mainly from Netherlands. Please Refine the Search to download Dashboard or Upgrade your plan to download.

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list of mushroom research centre in india

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Existing User Login Here. Existing user login here. Forgot Password. Login with Social Media. Delhi Air are some of the major ports where these importers of Mushrooms are receiving their consignment. These companies are importing their products mainly from Malaysia. These countries ship their consignments from their respective ports like Penang Georgetown and Penang. Sample Data Download. Get a Mushrooms Importers Sample Report. Which service s are you interested in?

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This story is from February 1, Driven by the information he had read in a book about mushroom cultivation, he went in search of it. Today, he runs his own oyster mushroom farm at Athappa Gounden Pudur near the city.

He harvests around 80kg a day on the one-acre farm and sells them for around Rs per kilogram. Mushrooms have been a favourite in Coimbatore for around 20 years, say cultivators. Subramanian, a former marketing professional, said in the early s, he found out there was a demand for mushrooms.

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He set up an oyster mushroom farm in He says for 20 years he ran his farm on trial. Today he harvests around kg of oyster mushrooms on his farm near Ramachettipalayam near the city. He has four cultivation sheds in his farm, each of which can house 1, to 1, cultivation bags. Today, several people from the city are taking to mushroom cultivation. Mushroom farms in the city cater to hotels, outlets, vendors or dealers who retail them. But the enterprise, which seems very a promising business option, can turn out to be a failure if not properly implemented using scientific and technical methods, say experts.

Several people who jumped into the business have abandoned it in a few months for the lack of know-how, experts say. But such methods are not viable.

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Experts say there are too many people who mislead those interested in starting mushroom cultivation. When Arun Kumar from Tirupur wanted to set up a milky mushroom farm, he approached a person who had promoted himself as a professional. Today, self-taught in techniques, he runs a milky mushroom farm in Tirupur.

He has setup the farm in 70 cents in a two-acre land. He says he sells 1kg of mushrooms for around Rs in wholesale. He adds that they have a good market in Kerala. While Arun Kumar could make it, several people who are misled fail in their mushroom enterprise, experts say.

He adds that even farmers who cultivate mushrooms in a professional setup become complacent if they harvest 50kg per day. He says the best way to start a venture is to start farmer producer corporations. Navbharat Times. Featured Today in Travel.Later, around A.

Resources & Research

Apart from their protein content, mushrooms can also be high in certain vitamins like B, C, vitamin D, riboflavin, thiamine nicotinic acid. While commercial mushroom framer who takes production continue entire year in large scale.

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To commercial mushroom farming, required heavy expenditure on the building infrastructure, purchase of machinery and equipment, raw materials, labor, and energy. However, NRCM is pioneer institute provides training. Among all above White Button mushroom has high demand the most popular hence most farmer select this variety for commercially mushroom farming. Average price for white button mushroom is in between rs per kg this depends upon market demand.

White Button mushroom is mostly consumed mostly hotels and metro cities. Compost is an artificially prepared growth medium from which mushroom can derive essential nutrients necessary for growth. Short Method takes less time to prepare compost than longer method but requires more capital and resources. The compost made by the short method is suitable for high yielding mushroom production. This is an outdoor procedure and takes around 28 days in its conclusion with a total of seven turnings.

Day 0: In this stage, the above Ingredient except Gypsum is mixed well and make a 5-feet-wide, 5-foot-high stack. With wooden box help or any other equipment in grow room. The length of the stack depends on the amount of material, but the height and width should not be more or less than the measurements written above and It kept as it is as for five days.

Water is spray as per the requirement of lower moisture in the outer layers.

Indian Institute of Horticultural Research

If the moisture content in the compost is reduced, then the water is sprayed as per the requirement. The size and size of the new pile are similar to the first one.

Eighth turnaround 28th day check Ammonia and moisture in compost on the twenty-eighth day. When the smell of ammonia is finally finished, and the sweet aroma comes from the compost, then compost is spread on the floor and let it cool down to 25 degree Celsius temperature.Solan is a town in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and the district headquarters of Solan district.

Every year in the month of June, a fair venerating the goddess is held, featuring a 3-day mela at the central Thodo grounds. Solan was the capital of the erstwhile princely stateBaghat. It is known as the "Mushroom city of India" [3] because of the vast mushroom farming in the area as well as the Directorate of Mushroom Research DMR situated at Chambaghat.

Solan is also called the "City of Red Gold", in reference to the bulk production of tomatoes in the area. The narrow-gauge Kalka-Shimla railway passes through Solan. Solan is a more low-key hill station ideal for travelers looking just some time away from city rush. A beautiful city in Himachal Pradesh, Solan has ancient temples [4] and monasteries [5].

Being set in the backdrop of majestic hills adds and quaint charm to these centres of worship. Solan has one of the oldest breweries in the country. This city also has a year old fort located at the top of a hill which is in ruins but has an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the countryside.

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One of the most famous monasteries in this region is the Yundung Monastery, which must be visited by everyone travelling to Solan. The history of Solan goes back to the era of Pandavas.

According to local folklore, Pandavas lived here during their exile. The word Baghat is derived from Bau or Bahumeaning "many", and Ghat meaning "pass". Initially the state headquarters of the Baghat State was located at Bhoch in the Bhuchali pargana, but the headquarters of the state was shifted to Solan after the construction of cantonment over here.

The railway was set up in Solan can be called a British town as primarily a cantonment was built here in the late 19th century by the British. The church in Solan cantonment is a heritage building with wooden and stone carvings, it has sloping roofs plus arches reminiscent of the British architecture. Pandava's cave, where Pandavas believed to have meditated during their year exile, is located at the mountain top. Solan gets occasional snowfall during winters.

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Solan is a base station for the nearby tourist destinations including ChailDagshaiSabathuKandaghatKasauliSalogra and Churdhar peak. Situated at an altitude of metres on an average, Solan can be called as a cool Hill station. During winters Solan experience little snowfall. C, Solan is spread over an area of District administration and Centre Government offices Being the district headquarters the city is the seat of district administration having offices in government buildings.

There are:. According to the Indian census, Solan city has a population of 39, [20] making it the second largest city of Himachal after Shimla.

Solan had an average literacy rate of Solan is a Municipal Council city. It is divided into 13 wards for which elections are held every 5 years. The Solan Municipal Council has population of 39, of which 21, are males while 18, are females as per report released by Census India In view of the preventive measures taken by the Govt.

The study of Indian agarics was initiated by the European workers in the 19th century.

Central Citrus Research Institute- CCRI, Nagpur - Citrus Cultivation in India

Montagnewas the first to report the members of Agaricales from India. It was followed by M. Berkeley,and P. Hennings Berkeley described species in 39 genera and Hennings described 68 species in 32 genera. After the intensive study conducted by the European workers, not much contribution was made till by the Indian workers. Manjula listed species and genera in her list of agaricoid and boletoid basidiomycetes from India and Nepal.

The latest list provided by Natarajan et al includes species 77 varieties in genera. Jestin V. Abraham JRF The world production and consumption of mushrooms over the last two decades has shown phenomenal pattern of growth. It is considered that over species are showing various degrees of edibility. The Western Ghat forests of Kerala harbor a good number of wild edibles. Jestin is concerned with the development of cultivation protocol for the promising wild edible species of Kerala.

C JRF The wild edible mushrooms are particularly important and forms one of the untapped natural resources. Bijeesh is concerned with the survey, identification and documentation of the wild edible mushroom resources of Kerala. Shanid Mohiyuddin JRF Members of the family Inocybaceae are important due to its ectomycorrhizal ecology, toxicity and large number of species.

However there is hardly any comprehensive study on this group in Kerala so far and Mr. Shanid is entrusted with the diversity study of this group applying both morpho and molecular methods.

list of mushroom research centre in india

Systematic inventory and documentation of agaricoid basidiomycetes of Western Ghats of Kerala. Inventory and documentation of ectomycorrhizal mushrooms and their association with tree species of Kerala. Survey and inventory of common wild edible, toxic and hallucinogenic mushrooms of the region.

list of mushroom research centre in india

Molecular phylogeny of mushrooms. Vrinda Entoloma brunneosquamulosum C. Vrinda Entoloma griseolimosum C.The Indian Institute of Horticultural Research IIHR is an autonomous organization acting as a nodal agency for basic, strategic, anticipatory and applied research on various aspects of horticulture such as fruits, vegetable, ornamental, medicinal and aromatic plants and mushrooms in India.

The institute is spread over a land area of hectares. Gurubachan Singh Randhawa was the first founding Director of the institute during The division deals with improvement of production technology of mangograpespineappleguavapapayapomegranateberannona and citrus. The division has five breeding laboratories and a production technology laboratory. The focus of the division is on development of new varieties of ornamental crops with a view to enhance export earning.

The Plant Pathology division attends to basic and applied research for the management of diseases by microorganisms. Fully equipped laboratories are set up to combat the fungalbacterialviralviroid and phytoplasma diseases of fruit crops, vegetable crops, ornamental and medicinal crops. The division also imparts training to agricultural extension officers and farmers. It carries out research and development on bio-control of crops. The spectrum of activities cover areas of entomology and nematology and include pest control management of fruits, vegetables and ornamental, aromatic and medicinal crops.

The Division of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry is the arm of IIHR that deal with tissue culturemolecular biologypesticide residue and food microbiology. The Division studies the nutrient requirement of horticultural crops and to develop suitable agro techniques for vegetable crops. It houses many laboratories viz. The Division of Biotechnology focusses on research on Gene discovery, regeneration and transgenicsMolecular markers, Marker Assisted Selection, Functional GenomicsBioinformatics and Endophytic molecular microbiology.

Specific areas of work include:. The Division is involved in exploration, introduction, exchange, evaluation, characterization and conservation of horticultural plant growth regulators.

It also works on enrichment of germplasm from wild sources through exploration missions. A Pollen Cryobank was established under the division for long term cryogenic preservation of crops which was featured in the Limca Book of Records in It looks after the training and extension activities of IIHR.

The division started as the Division of Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Microbiology and Postharvest Technology in which was later renamed as the Division of Postharvest Technology. The research work in the division focusses on handling and storage, processing, microbiology and cut flowers. Seed Science and Technology : to conduct research on seed production and quality aspects of horticultural crops with a mandate:.

Agricultural Engineering : to develop and maintain IIHR farm and to establish workshop for research and development in Farm Machinery with a mandate to:.

Medicinal Crops : to undertake research work is on the genetic improvement of commercially important medicinal and aromatic crops and standardization of agro-technology.To bring mushroom researchers, development workers and growers together for dissemination of scientific information.

List of Scientific Research Institutes in India

To bring out a Mushroom Journal. To organize periodic Symposia. To promote commercial mushroom cultivation. Mushroom Research has gone online for Open Access.

The articles will be accepted online only. You can see status of your article from your account itself. Button Mushroom. Common name white button mushroom, scientific name Agaricus bisporus. Pink Pleurotus. Pink Pleurotus mushroom - A highly medicinal Mushroom, common name dhingri mushroom in India. Paddy Straw Mushroom. One of the major objectives of the MSI was to bring out a journal to cater to the needs of the researchers and growers.

It has been possible with the help of the members, executive council, editorial staff and especially the contributors to the back volume issue. The society registered under society registration Act vide No. The major objectives were : To bring mushroom researchers, development workers and growers together for dissemination of scientific information.

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